Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Learning Organization

One of the most critical attributes any company can have is the ability to learn. This is easier said than done particularly for a business that has enjoyed some level of tenure and success. Nonetheless, as we all know (sometimes painfully), changes happens. The ability to react to it, adapt to it and most importantly learn from it isn't just "a good idea", it is a recipe for survival. 

Paradoxically one the most ripe opportunities for learning is often when we are least receptive to it. That being crisis management mode. There is also two lenses that a leader needs to put to these occasions. How did my organization react to the tribulation and how SHOULD have my organization reacted. 

Wikipedia defines the learning element of crisis management as follows: "In the wake of a crisis, organizational decision makers adopt a learning orientation and use prior experience to develop new routines and behaviors that ultimately change the way the organization operates. The best leaders recognize this and are purposeful and skillful in finding the learning opportunities inherent in every crisis situation".

Let's face it. Whether you are running a huge multi-national corporation or a small business crisis is going to happen. One of the best ways to respond successfully to it is to ensure your company culture reflects, supports, empowers and ensures learning is taking place on a constant basis. 

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