Saturday, December 3, 2011

Higher Impact Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are an impactful, unconventional way to get a message across. The market for this advertising approach is diverse and growing. Point of purchase advertisers have caught on in a big way and as a result we as consumers are often coaxed just prior to checkout to open the wallet just a bit wider. In fact, some would argue there's a psychological reason why this tactic is effective.  

**Joseph S. King, Ph.D. a professor of psychology and director of the Honors Academy at Radford University in Radford, Va., penned an article entitled “The Psychology of the Floor.” The article describes the floor as a potentially useful source of advertising information. He contends that we are programmed by nature to pay attention to the ground, and that our attention can be redirected to the floor first by novelty and later by relevant messages.
What’s more, King explains, attention directed downward narrows our attention focus. In other words, looking at the floor focuses our attention and the content becomes relevant, impacting the consumer at the point of decision. This Orienting Reflex approach psychologists have studied is valid with rubber mats that offer messages, the IntelliMat digital floor device and, of course, floor graphics. The bottom line: messages on the floor can capture the attention of consumers and influence their buying habits. That’s why retailers are picking up on floor signage.**

There are of course other other uses for floor graphics. They can serve as an effective way to improve safety by identifying potential hazards, provide directions for foot traffic, celebrate an event, deliver a message to employees and on an on. They can also be full color prints in almost any size and shape.

Higher Power Signs is able to help your business capture this valuable advertising opportunity. All our client's floor graphics are overlaid with a laminate that protects from scuffing and is compliant with applicable UL standards for slip resistance. This enables preservation of your investment and customer's safety.

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**Reprinted from "Floor Graphics: Walking Into Opportunity" Jennifer LeClaire