Sunday, May 27, 2012

Going big on vehicle wraps!

MC Snowcones Box Truck Wrap

So you've made the decision to have your vehicle wrapped. That's fantastic!. It's well documented that it is a superior form of branding and advertising. But what are some of the things you should investigate before committing to a provider?

There are many considerations an informed consumer should vet before pulling the trigger on the project. First of all, Higher Power Signs highly suggests you have a conversation with your insurance agent. When you place branding on your vehicle you open your business to potential litigation in the unfortunate event of an accident. This consideration isn't something you'll hear from many sign companies. Nonetheless, Higher Power Signs wants their clients to be as informed as possible. This is a big investment. We just think it's the right thing to do.

OK, so what next? You want this wrap to last as long as it should right? You want it to look great and capture impressions, that's why you are doing it. First of all, and this is important for us in the DFW area, find out if the sign companies you are asking to bid the job have an environmentally controlled work space. Wrap vinyls adhere best when the surface temperature of the vehicle is between 60 and 85 degrees. NEVER let someone apply your wrap in high ambient heat.
Allen Event Center Zamboni Wrap

Second item to investigate. Who manufactures the vinyl that's being used? Make sure it's a cast vinyl. Generally speaking, 3M and Avery are considered the leaders in wrap films. Oracal makes a good product too. Your sign company should be forthcoming as to the vinyl and laminate being used. It should also be itemized on the quote.

Item number three. Does the potential provider's labor pool include any installers who's skills have been certified through a testing program and/or demonstrated competency. There are many programs offered through sign supply vendors or professional associations that offer certifications that assure a level of proficiency. 

Higher Power Signs hopes that these tips prove useful as you as you go through the process. The decision to use a vehicle as an advertising mechanism is sound. We wish you the best whether you use us as your resource or another sign company. 

Higher Power Signs Inc is a McKinney Texas based full service sign company. We are guided by our business anchors of integrity, servitude, professionalism and teamwork. We provide our clients with cost effective, high impact advertising assets. Some of our specialties include custom banners, vehicle wraps, wall/window/floor graphics and trade show displays.

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